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Paul K. Lewis 2019 Daylily Intros.

Dr. Frances S. Baker (Paul K. Lewis)

                                                   Dr. Frances S. Baker (Paul K. Lewis)

DR. FRANCES S. BAKER (Paul K. Lewis 2019) (Cottage Pattern(Ross) X Desire of Nations(Emmerich))Tet., SEV, MLa, 6" flower, 36 inch scape, 3 way branching, 17 buds.

Sometimes in life we need a little extra help to help us navigate through rough waters.  I had to see a psychiatrist to get some extra help with some problems, and will always be grateful to my friend, Dr. Francis S. Baker for helping me with that. I wanted to make sure the daylily I named for her was very special.  This lovely purple daylily is just that.  It stands tall on 36 inch scapes.  Lovely purple flower with cream colored watermark with corresponding cream colored edge.  Almost flawless in every way, but occasionally gets hung up on cold mornings.  Easy to use.  Fertile both ways. $200 SF SOLD OUT due to early interest.